About Shaikh Shamim Ahmad


Shaikh Shamim Ahmed Khaleel was born in the Indian state U.P, district Basti (Presently: Siddharth Nagar). He obtained his preliminary education in his own area. In 1969 he left to Banaras for Islamic education. And in 1978 he accomplished the certification for the 10 Year Jamia Course. The same year he reached Qatar for further education. In Qatar, he continued with Dawah and Tableegh activities along with his own education. In 1979 he was employed as a preacher by Raasa Al Mahkam al sharaiah wa al shouin deeniyah (Presently: Wazarat-ul-Awqaf). And in 1982 he was appointed as a Daee by Dawah wal Irshad – Qatar. Since then he is busy in the center in Teaching, Lecturing and Dawah activities.

Shaykh was asked about his teachers and his education, to which he replied
First, I would like to say that I don’t prefer to admire myself, be it in lectures or in articles. Praising oneself is not a good habit. But here when I am questioned that who were my teachers then I feel the necessity to mention those names from whom I benefitted. The list is quite long.

I took my basic education from my father and my elder brother Munshi Abdur Rahman sahab رحمه الله. Also, there was a mua’zzin in our village by the name Tayyab baba from whom I learnt the alphabets of arabic language. From my brother, I read ‘yassarnal Qur’an’ and began reading the Qur’an with the help of my father. After reading ‘yassarnal Qur’an’, daily I read one juzz of Qur’an to my father in the month of Ramadan. And later again I recited the Qur’an with Tayyab baba.

The teachers who helped me in acquiring education of maktab were my brother

  • Munshi Abdur Rahman Sahab
  • Munshi Qudratullah Sahab
  • Master Abdul Haqq
  • Moulana Mohammad Muneer Qasmi Hafizaullah
  • Hafiz Abdullah

Then I went to Banaras to pursue my studies. Here are the teachers who taught me at 1st grade of Arabic language were;

  • Moulana Abdul Mughni sahib
  • Moulana Hyder Ali Banarsi Rahimahumullah
  • Moulana Abdul Aleem Islahi
  • Moulana Abdul Majeed Islahi Hafizaullah.

From 2nd grade till 4th grade, the so called Dars E Nizami Course, the teachers who taught me were;

  • Moulana Aziz Ahmed Nadwi Rahimahumullah
  • Moulana Abdus Salam Rahmani Rahimahumullah
  • Moulana Abdus Salam Tayyibi Rahimahumullah
  • Dr. Sagheer Ahmed Ansari Hafizaullah
  • Master Ferozuddin was my teachers, who taught me Arabic language. During this time, I read Mishkat, Buloogh Al Maraam.

In these 3 years I read Mishkat volume-1, The books of Nahw (Grammar), Sarf (Morphology), Qiraat Ar-Rashidah, the books of Arabic literature and stories of prophets alayhi-assalaam.

From 5th till 10th grade, my teachers were,

  • Shaykh Abdul Waheed Ar-Rahmani Rahimahumullah who at that time was Shaykh-ul-Jamia /Vice Chancellor of Jamia Salafiyyah
  • Moulana Shams-ul-Haqq Salafi Rahimahumullah who was Shaykh-ul-Hadith at that time. I read both volumes of Bukhari under him.
  • Moulana Abdul Waheed Ar-Rahmani – I read books of Arabic Adab
  • Moulana Abdul Moyeed Banarsi – I learnt Ilm-e-Hayat and Ilm-e-Uroodh wa khawafi, book of mantiq.
  • Abid Hasan Rahmani Rahimahumullah – Sahih Muslim in Jamia Salafiyyah and read the book of Hidayath-Al- Hikmat under his guidance.
  • Moulana Mohammad Idrees Azad Rahmani Rahimahumullah – I learnt shar-e-wiqayah, hidayah and ilm-al-mawariz
  • Moulana Abdus Salam Madani Hafizaullah – I studied Mishkat volume-2, Sunan-Nisai and Usool-e-Hadith
  • I was a student of Moulana Safi-ur-Rahman Mubarakpoori Rahimahumullah, author of Ar raheeq -al-Maqhtoum. His book of seerah was awarded the best book in the world which is Alhamdulillah available in all houses in both Urdu and Arabic languages.
  • Moulana Rayees ul Abrar Nadwi Rahimahumullah who was imaam at his time, taught me Tirmidhi and Muqadma ibn-e-Qalladoon.
  • Moulana Abdul Hannan Faizi Hafizaullah taught me Sunan Abu Dawud and he was also imaam of his time.
  • Sheikh Anees ur Rahman Azmi Hafizaullah was my teacher at Jamia Salafiyyah from whom I learnt books of Arabic language and Aqeedah.
  • My English teacher was Master Akbar Rahimahumullah.

In Qatar, the famous scholars who were my teachers are:

  • Abdul Lateef Zayd Rahim
  • Sheikh Saleh Noor
  • Dr. Abdul Azeem Rahimahumullah. He was great aàlim and had been muhaqqiq of books of imam-ul-Harmain.

I cooperated with him to write his maqhtutaat and he praised my work in the preface of the book in an excellent way.

May Allah reward him the best